As we open, Jay is dragging fastened, gagged, and blindfolded Shay into a impure old warehouse. She doesn't know who this chab is or what that guy wishes and she's terribly embarrassed! Eventually Jay removes her veil (and her garments, but she's still "in the dark". What does this chab crave with her? We learn that that guy has been hired by an anonymous 3rd gathering to convince her, by any means necessary, to sign a definition giving up her seat on a major corporation's board of directors. Shay, of course, refuses this craziest demand, so Jay receives even harder on her. The bondages that babe endures are TOUGH, involving strict elbow ropes, unmerciful chest bindings, and chunky gags. She even spends one scene stripped and barefoot, kneeling on the intense concrete floor! Will Jay break her will and fo7ce her to sign the agreement? And even if this babe does sign, will this guy truly let her go? Don't count on it! Following the story are four scenes of glamorous rookie Gina, tied in fixation attire. Jay's stringent ropework looks great on her flawless adult baby figure! She endures several elbows-together sessions previous to Jay is finished with her.

Format: real

Duration: 1:33:11

Video: 360x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Jay Edwards - Jev-111 - Binding Contract

Jay Edwards - Jev-111 - Binding Contract

File size: 236.7 MB

Jay Edwards - Jev-111 - Binding Contract

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