Studio: Fucking Dungeon / Dungeoncorp

This update is based on real events. The studio is quiet and empty previous to one of DungeonCorps parties the bartender, played by Sea J Raw, has arrived early to set up the bar and acquire willing for the crowds it is early evening one of DungeonCorps own agents, played by Christian arrvies early likewise These 2 have know every other for awhile and there is some chemistry but Sea J has a boyfriend this babe isnt with him for sex or specie or any of the important relationship traits love boring a-hole, want u were having a admirable time with a stranger, love but she is phat being in that relationship let us face it, love is it is own comfort but who is comforting Sea Js perversions and wishes? Christian knows that answer no one so this chab seduces her it is somewhat of a battle of teasing and testing when the time is right, Christian makes his move with a adult baby Dominant romance and in advance of that babe knows it, Sea J is chained and getting drilled and loving it just thankful that anybody like Christian could read her signs and give her what that babe needed which was to be treated like a fucking tied wench what about her boyfriend? Well, this guy doesnt need to know this guy takes care of the love in her life and Sea J lastly gives in to let anybody else fun her an all American love story.

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Duration: 48:51

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Based On Actual Events (Sea J Raw)

Based On Actual Events (Sea J Raw)

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Based On Actual Events (Sea J Raw)