Frankie removes her shoes, skirt and shirt... (2015)

Release Year: 2015


... and places em on a chair then this babe attached an ice release to the winch and ties a crotch rope around herself passing it is free end throughout the ice release and back to a chain for later. Using greater quantity rope Frankie frog ties the one and the other legs and ties greater quantity ropes to those then ties em off to hooks behind her. Next Frankie fastens and padlocks leather braces to her wrists and fastens a ball gag in her throat then ties the prostate stimulation machine to her marangos and switches the machine on so it constantly sucks her teats. Frankie makes sure that babe will be able to reach a fake penis then padlocks her wrist bracelets to every end of the chain and with a remote dominate in her hand that babe crams one of it is buttons and the winch begins to pull her crotch rope and her wrists towards it until the crotch rope is constricted. Finally Frankie throws the remote out of reach and picks up the sextoy and crams it against her crotch rope, enjoying the rock hard vibrations betwixt her legs as well as having her nipps rhythmically sucked by the machine and the physically demanding restraint bondage, Frankie starts to build up to a woman’s ultimate enjoyment.

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Duration: 19:14

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Frankie removes her shoes, skirt and shirt... (2015)

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Frankie removes her shoes, skirt and shirt... (2015)