Selfish Pleasure (2015)

Release Year: 2015

Cast: Bonnie Day


We have an interesting defiance for Bonnie Day. She has to keep this Hitachi fake penis crammed rough against her clitoris the whole time Jack Hammer is flagellation the shit out of her. The ache doesn't just make it intense for her to cum, it has her weak in the knees and barely able to hold on to the machine.
She's selfish. She just craves to be able to have a fun herself. But Jack knows how to acquire the majority mileage out of each marvelous bitch this guy has in his grips. The corporal torture, rope tying, and raunchy titillation have to be in ideal balance to make sure that that babe doesn't finish, blow out, or fall apart in advance of that guy is done with em.
This one won't. She's craves this to be about her, but it not at any time is. Whipping her into a frenzy, lifting her into the air, even making her cum, none of it is there to make her feel more good. It all exists for him. And knowing that turns her on.

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Duration: 1:14:55

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Selfish Pleasure (2015)

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Selfish Pleasure (2015)