Release Year: 2015


... and ankles then kneels on the floor and secures her ankles to hooks behind her that are spaced about 20 four inches apart then this babe ties a crotch rope around herself and ties it to one end of a bungee cord, the other end of the bungee cord has a rope already bound to it that passes throughout a metal eye bolt in front of her and back to a cleat where that babe ties it off so the elastic bungee cord is constantly applying tension to her crotch rope. Next Anita stuffs her face hole with a couple of her pants and tapes over her lips and face hole in advance of handcuffing her hands behind her back and padlocking em to a chain secured to an eyelet in the wall above and behind her. Anita then looks down and realises her keys are on the floor just in front of her and there is now no way for her to reach em and so starts desperately to try to break free!

Format: mp4

Duration: 16:09

Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4831kbps

Audio: 155kbps

Anita fastens leather cuffs to both her wrists... (2015)

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Anita fastens leather cuffs to both her wrists... (2015)