Naughty Lover (2015)

Release Year: 2015


Tracey reads a sheet of paper with instructions written on it “You are in for a surprise - Please use the braces to secure your wrists and await for me to arrive - signed your nasty paramour, Sarah”. Tracey secures her wrists into the bracelets and comments on how simple it would be to. Soon Sarah arrives and begins to kiss and fondle Tracey until Sarah ties a rope around one of Tracey’s ankles and pulls it throughout a hook on the ceiling so Tracey’s leg is pulled up towards the ceiling then Sarah pulls the chain to the handcuff constricted so Tracey’s hands are pulled above her head. Sarah anew takes advantage of Tracey for a whilst previous to walking over to a coiled pantyhose pipe and unrolls it and turns the water on. Tracy screams animal training Sarah to stop but Tracy is sprayed with water for some time until each part of her is trickling juicy in advance of Sarah turns the water off. Next Sarah cuts Tracey’s cold soaked costume off but then makes a decision to spray Tracey once more with water, including into her slit in advance of feeling sorry for her and towels her dry. Sarah then clamps Tracey’s snatch and uses a marital-device to fuck her vagina and then her gazoo then turns the pantyhose pipe on once more and eases the pipe into Tracey’s wazoo to give her an enema, then when Sarah feels Tracey is full that babe inserts a wazoo plug to seal Tracy’s booty. Sarah lastly crams and feels Tracey’s abdomen making Tracey gasp previous to releasing her and laughs as Tracey has to quickly run to the lavatory.

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Naughty Lover (2015)

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Naughty Lover (2015)