Release Year: 2015


... into a recess on the inside of a metal plate and attaches the plate to an electro-magnet drilled to the ceiling so the plate is held securely and this babe can not receive the key. Next Kitty secures a ball gag in her throat and ties a spreader bar betwixt her ankles then ties a crotch rope around herself and attaches it to a rope that goes over a gin wheel that is hooked to the ceiling and down to a weight on the floor behind her previous to handcuffing her hands in front of her with the bracelets attached to a second rope that goes over a hook in the ceiling in front of her and down to a one more weight that that babe releases so it pulls on her braces around her wrists. To alleviate the ache of the wristlets scarring into her wrists that babe will have to move forward and lower the weight in front of her onto the floor, but this will then lift the weight behind her and pull her crotch rope painfully taut. Kitty will now have to make a decision which that babe can endure - the taut crotch rope pulled betwixt her legs or her metal braces slitting into her wrists (or a bit of the one and the other until the electro-magnet releases and this babe can reach her keys and escape her anguish.

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Kitty places the key to her handcuffs... (2015)

Kitty places the key to her handcuffs... (2015)

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Kitty places the key to her handcuffs... (2015)