Jay Edwards - Jev-205 - Bound And Blond

Swedish blonde Anna is naturally pliant and we watch that right from the begin. Summoned by Jay, this babe walks into the room -- fastened from the waist up -- and this guy takes immediate subdue of his diminutive package. She is lifted into the air, tossed over his shoulder and hung from his arm as that babe whimpers and groans -- she's constrained and aroused animal play the same time. She is dumped onto the couch where her legs are fastened and white clothespins are placed on her teats. She wriggles in the constricted ropes amid groans of appreciation for her tying predicament. An elbow-bound Anna struggles on the floor and is pretty soon rewarded with a stringent hog tie and some carnal teasing. Later, this babe is re-gagged and her wrists are pulled to the ceiling, leaving her face-down on the carpet with nowhere to go. Elbows bound jointly afresh, the enchanting blonde is shown being roped to a stool in the living room. Jay runs his hands over her warm flesh as that babe loses herself in this pont of time of obedience. Nipple clamps appear and this babe is torn betwixt fun and ache when a padlock is hung from the chain. Four disrobes of blue duct tape are smoothed over her blue ballgag to further muffle her noises. An onscreen elbow roping begins off the next scene with Anna squatting on a stool. Jay tweaks her teats relentlessly and this babe responds with sensuous sighs throughout her dark ballgag. Her chest and arms are roped up and her arms are now totally jointly behind her back. Anna is tit-clamped afresh and then re-gagged with a enormous leather plug gag thonged tightly behind her head. She then does her superlatively good to maintain her balance in a standing elbow-strappado and we are treated to some great angles of her petite round a-hole and ballgagged face. Jay punishes her from behind in advance of restraint bondage her down into a full bent-over position complete with clothespins on her adult baby cum-hole. Still tightly elbow-bound, Anna writhes on the floor in a stringent frog-tie -- savoring each pont of time of her captivity. Jay wraps white med-wrap around her ballgag and head as that babe grudgingly complies. He then continues to tie her wrists up to the ceiling, fo7cing her gazoo up in the air.

Format: real

Duration: 1:11:19

Video: 576x324, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Jay Edwards - Jev-205 - Bound And Blond

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Jay Edwards - Jev-205 - Bound And Blond

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