Release Year: 2015


An electro-magnet with a release timer is sluggishly ‘ticking’ down as Ariel clothed in merely a short, shiny rubber petticoat ties her ankles betwixt a spreader bar. She checks a movement sensor, electric water sprinkler valve and remote drill to switch-hitter the sensor on is in place then fits a darksome ball gag in her face hole and puts on a darksome rubber gas cover. Ariel switches on the sensor and throws the remote far out of reach; that babe has a scarcely any seconds delay in advance of the sensor becomes ‘active’ and puts her arms behind her back so that babe is in a reverse prayer and into a hanging noose rope that goes over a hook in the ceiling and to the electromagnet. She pulls the rope constricted around her wrists so that babe is trapped in this position until the timer on the electro magnet releases her arms. Ariel knows that if this babe moves this babe will receive moist so stays as still as possible but after a small in number minutes that babe needs to rest her shoulders and moves, which is detected and this babe is overspread in water for the 1st time, from now on that babe is going to become very cold as well as pain. This process of trying to stay still but moving cuz of her increasing coldness iterates a further 11 cycles until the magnet releases her and this babe can remove the blindfold and gag, Ariel is shivering uncontrollably as this babe unties her legs.

Format: mp4

Duration: 8:33

Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264), 1943kbps

Audio: 122kbps

Shivering uncontrollably (2015)

Shivering uncontrollably (2015)

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Shivering uncontrollably (2015)

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