Release Year: 2015


Ariel attaches four electrodes that hang down from the ceiling onto her belly then puts her hands into a set of bracelets padlocked to the ceiling and waits nervously. Then Ariel’s angel arrives and explains that everybody else including the judges, that have being watching Ariel’s progress, have gone home leaving just the 2 of em. Sally wishes revenge after her earlier electrocutions cuz of Ariel, so has devised a plan. If Ariel doesn’t cram a button that will activate the spanking machine and rod Ariel’s submissive each 20 seconds Ariel will be electrocuted until this babe does. Sally walks away leaving Ariel to come to a conclusion electrocution or the rod, Saying if there are no stripes on Ariel’s sub when that babe returns this babe will rod her herself. After 20 seconds Ariel is electrocuted - this babe tries to endure it but eventually Ariel has to cram the button and the machine canes her sub and the electric stops. The second part to Ariel’s castigation is that the machine will not leave any marks on her servant until it is vigour is turned up - smth that Ariel will have to do herself ! After many canings and electrocutions Ariel has turned the machine up to full vigour and is despairing to have marks on her slave. Sally returns, sits on a high stool and crosses her legs to gloat animal play her poor twin girl’s predicament - we hear the machine rod Ariel once more and Sally winces then smiles...

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Four electrodes (2015)

Four electrodes (2015)

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Four electrodes (2015)

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