Five glamorous, ultra-busty gals, ten hawt restraint bondage scenes -- wow! Petite blond Ginger stands in the basement, her gag affixed to the ceiling as Jay applies taut tying to her biggest, tanned bazookas. Kneeling against a short post, Ginger can merely squirm as Jay changes her gag, ties her melons and clamps her nipps. Sexy Shay is silenced on-screen with a Bishop gag and wriggles as Jay binds her elbows jointly and strangles her biggest bra buddies with constricted ropes. She then jingles her bell-ballgag as her fold-up tying on a stool is cranked up into a full suspension. Well-known big-tit star Donita is shamed by the drool running freely past her ballgag and that babe can solely groan as Jay tightly binds and slaps her jumbo milk cans. More on-screen tit tying and Jay's intense hands show her who the boss is. Lovely Alexis endures a strict back-bender that truly tests her limitations. She whimpers past the dowel gag when Jay puts the C-clamps to her brown nipps. Tied to the submissive chair, that babe is tit-bound on-screen and her eyes receive wide animal play the massive wad of cloth Jay stuffs into her throat and seals in with white med-wrap. Nipple clamps to the ceiling finish her off absolutely. Blonde porn star Rikki is willing to have a fun her crotchrope as Jay manhandles her large mounds from behind (she nearly works herself right off the stool!) Then that babe wriggles in the serf chair and Jay changes her gag and clamps her teats, all on camera. She desperately craves to come but will Jay let her?

Format: real

Duration: 1:30:05

Video: 720x540, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Jay Edwards - Jev100 - D-Cup Discipline 2

Jay Edwards - Jev100 - D-Cup Discipline 2

File size: 293.6 MB

Jay Edwards - Jev100 - D-Cup Discipline 2

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