Release Year: 2015


..Tracey inserts a Tens units anal speculum into her a-hole then straddles the horse and secures her ankles with thongs and ropes then lowers her body and allows a cold metal sex toy into her slit that is attached to the dom of the horse and is connected to the Tens unit. Tracey then let us a big concrete weight hang by the ropes that are attached to the ends of her ankle ropes - this pulls her legs apart and so prevents her from raising her twat off of the metal sextoy. Next this babe places Tens electrode patches to every side of her milk cans and places vibrating nipp clamps on every teat, then a collar around her neck and gags herself and switches the one and the other Tens units on and adjusts the vigour until this babe jumps with a shock. Tracey now begins to encourage herself to go throughout with what this babe has planned - this takes a adult baby time of self persuasion then that babe switches on the teat clothespeg sex-toys and begins to not fast increases the vigour of her breast tens - She begins to grit her teeth and breath enormous - Next that babe turns the anal tens up and that babe let us out a screech. Tracy is now breathing enormous as the electricity pumps throughout her anal speculum, metal cunt marital-device and breast electrodes as that babe turns a Violet wand on that discharges sparks of electricity directly onto her love button. Tracey has not ever experienced everything like this in advance of and knows that her last pain has begun and so braces her hands behind her. Her body is pulsing with electricity and that babe is moving uncontrollably, Tracey dribbles from her gag and tears begin to run down her cheeks as this babe screams for her torment to stop. Suddenly the lights go out and all we can watch and hear is Traces torment - The pulsing lights of one as well as the other Tens units and the violet wand and her very loud screams !

Format: mp4

Duration: 10:26

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1915kbps

Audio: 155kbps

Tracey’s first experiment with electric torture... (2015)

Tracey’s first experiment with electric torture... (2015)

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Tracey’s first experiment with electric torture... (2015)

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