Release Year: 2015


Candie enters and chains and padlocks a set of braces to the back of a chair and switches on a timer then sits on the chair and ties her ankles to the back of the chair so her ankles are pulled off the floor. She eases her titties from her brassiere and fastens leather thongs around her waist and above her milk sacks and around the chair so this babe is unable to move forward then clamps her teats - A thin chain goes from the 2 clamps to a nipp pulling machine on a table in front of her. Candie puts a gas cover over her head then adjusts a valve on the end of the breather pipe so it becomes difficult for her to breathe then hand bracelets her wrists to the back of the chair. After a minute the machine begins to sluggishly pull and relax the chain to her teat clamps, Candie realizes this is going to be very painful and begins to protest - The machine ignores her and begins to not fast speed up until the machine is animal play full speed, then with Candie protesting and screaming under her gas cover the timer switches off the machine leaving poor Candie still fastened to the chair wondering if the timer will begin the machine another time ?

Format: mp4

Duration: 16:12

Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264), 1931kbps

Audio: 122kbps

Candie still bound (2015)

Candie still bound (2015)

Candie still bound (2015)

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Candie still bound (2015)

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