Release Year: 2014


... behind her then this babe fastens a red ball gag in her throat in advance of restraint bondage a spreader bar betwixt her ankles with clean fresh white rope and a knotted crotch rope around herself with greater amount of the same white rope then ties her crotch rope to a weight on the floor via a pulley system supported by the hook of a winch in front of her. Next Roswell fastens and padlocks leather wristlets on to every wrist then places the pads of an EMS unit onto the tops of her legs and switches it on so it is inbuilt timer starts to count down until the unit switches on fully and gives her a powerful pulsing electrical shock if that babe doesn’t escape in time. Roswell padlocks her leather wrist handcuffs behind her back and to a metal frame bolted to the wall that babe is held in place with no chance of escape. Finally with a remote punishment in her hand this babe raises the hoist until a weight is raised off the floor and her crotch rope is pulled constricted making her shuffle her feet slightly and arch her body then that babe drops the remote to the floor and out of reach. Now each movement allows the knots of the crotch rope to agony Roswell as that babe watches the hand of the clock not fast turn and allow the key to drop into her reach, and with the ever present thought that the EMS unit will deliver it is meaty electrical shocks into the master of her legs making her uncontrollably move and pull the crotch rope deeper, tighter and greater amount painfully betwixt her legs - This is not going to be an effortless await!

Format: mp4

Duration: 20:25

Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4859kbps

Audio: 155kbps

Roswell Ivory hangs her key on the hand of a clock on the wall... (2014)

Roswell Ivory hangs her key on the hand of a clock on the wall... (2014)

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Roswell Ivory hangs her key on the hand of a clock on the wall... (2014)

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