Release Year: 2014


... and sits on a stool cross legged to open an envelope and reads aloud this months dare left by her boyfriend. Later that morning Anita has arrives animalism the ruins of an old farm abode - Its fogy and this babe nervously looks around as this babe sits on a big white sheet already prepared for her. Anita empties the contents of a bag onto the sheet then continues to tie her ankles and knees then ties a rope betwixt her ankle rope and a set of cuffs and looks around anew in advance of fastening a ball gag into her throat and places a ties a cover in place so this babe can not watch, lastly securing her wrists into the wristlets behind her back so that babe is hogtied. Later during the time that Anita is wriggling this babe hears a twig snap, then some other and tries furiously to escape but is picked up and put in the back of a car and driven away. Next we watch Anita on a soft red rug on the floor with the handcuff replaced by rope and greater quantity rope around her elbows but still gagged, blindfolded and hogtied. Her abductor has unfastened a not many buttons of her blouse to add to her predicament and after watching her struggle for a scarcely any minutes leaves her alone. Anita struggles to untie her ropes until her efforts award her in escaping to discover that that babe is back home and it was her boyfriend that had abducted her. Anita notices one more letter from her boyfriend and reads it, where it asks if this babe will tie herself up and expect for him to return later.

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Its the 1950s as Anita excitedly walks into room... (2014)

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Its the 1950s as Anita excitedly walks into room... (2014)