100 Volts (2014)

08 Jan 2015

Release Year: 2014


Ayla fastens leather braces to her ankles and a purple ball gag in throat then secures her ankle handcuffs to the legs of a metal woodworker’s horse then bows over a metal bar and cuffs her wrists to the other end of the horse. Now in position with her vertical teats merely a short distance from the metal bar that babe switches on an electric shock device that powers over 100 volts betwixt her metal braces and the metal bar. All Ayla has to do is not relax her body until the ice release melts and this babe can escape or her sensitive teats will come in contact with the metal bar and that babe will acquire an electric shock !

Format: mp4

Duration: 22:17

Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4865kbps

Audio: 155kbps

100 volts (2014)

100 volts (2014)

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100 volts (2014)

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