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Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

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32 year old Magik started out here animalism The Attic as a Good Girl. Today, this babe came in as a very thirsty Bad Girl. Thirsty for an experience. Let's acquire started.
Magik begins her day off in a adult baby device Zed threw jointly just a scarcely any hours prior that we like to call the Head Orifice. You stick your head in it and it acquires attached to the orifice -by the hair. So out of further ado I had Magik strip and then promptly fastened her hair off to the device. This left her on her knees and in a rather discomforting position. Adding a big ring gag and a painful cup play set to her scones helped flesh out Magik's distress and humiliation. I pulled up a stool, made myself comfortable and began asking Magik what she's been up to since her final visit. Jeez, trying to understand her was a real chore. She just kept mumbling incoherent statements, words. I just couldn't make it out half the time. And that tongue in there, it just kept wiggling around, trying to discover some purchase, some manner in which to hide. Her mangos growing increasingly purple as the cylinders bounced around on her meatballs. I think I watch worry on her face, concern. Panic bringing up the rear. Occasionally a limb shakes. What the fuck is that babe trying to say? I watch her trying to tell me smth, to answer my question. But son of a doxy, I just can't make out what the fuck she's trying to say. I ask her to reiterate it several times, her frustration growing, solely to be surpassed by nervous laughter when it is apparent she'll not at any time enunciate it clearly sufficiently to be understood. I walk in behind her and grab the vaginal stimulator and stuff it into her snatch. I crank up the electricity to it and deliver electrical current unfathomable inside her box. She loves that. I crank it up to the point of just being unbearable and sit backdown and finish my talk with her. As we chat I discover out this babe cant live without beingbeaten with a thong. Given that I have a thong handy I jump up and begin whacking her gazoo with one. Vigorously. I make sure I receive that soreness threshold reached right away. Her a-hole cheeks turn bright red instantly as I beat em with the leather thong. Her mambos turning bright red and purple as they swing like pendulums with every whack. Next it's the rod. Just me getting that rod close to her arse has her jumpy. But there's nowhere to go and the strikes begin to fall on her wazoo. It's a sharper ache to her. And then the sub of her feet receive caned next. Her position grows increasingly difficult to maintain. And then it's the riding crop. Several rough, sharp whacks acquire her blood boiling. Purple marks making an appearance on her arse cheeks. I grab Big Black and push it into her wet crack aperture. I begin to fuck her with it. She let us me know this babe can cum just from getting drilled with Big Black. I keep up the strokes until this babe tells me it hurts. I fuck her with this biggest sextoy until her cookie aches. Her face has grown contorted now, her position despairing. She looks despairing. She looks vulnerable. Even abased. She's clearly having an hard experience. Getting away from herself. Her breathing is despairing and labored. She has a look of torture on her face, like anybody just said her some awful news. Those pantoons are purple now. We can hear the squishy sounds from her cum-hole as the sextoy permeates in and out. She asks if this babe can cum. Permission denied. I make her hold it off during the time that I relentlessly fuck her with it. Her breathing timed to every jerk off. And these strokes are coming to her fast and enormous. I can training her breathing just by the fucking act of the sex-toy. Her eyes shut raw and the dilated gap of her face hole trickling fluid. She acquires consent to cum and suddenly we watch it wash over her. The smashing of the vibrator into her cookie continuing as this babe tells us, "I'm cumming!" She raises one leg in slow motion, like a dog about to piddle on a bush. She tries to contort her body, to slink away, to hide her face as it cums over her. And then suddenly, abruptly, I pull the vibrator out in one quick motion and leave her twat emptied.
Next we discover Magik zip fastened to a dog kennel fence which is suspended from the ceiling. Her feet dangle just out of reach of the floor. A Eroscillator works over her love button. But that's short lived as I begin to tickle Magik. I work her beneath arm, lightly moving my fingers just over the skin. She begins to laugh and then it grows into snorts. Like a adult baby child. Like a pig. A large smile on her face. She wiggles around but cannot move away. Zip ties are holding her firm to the cyclone fence --from her fingers to her haunches. Her feet kick freely back and forth looking for some place in which to shove herself away. I work my way down her sides. She is cackling the entire time. I begin to call to her in a gentle voice, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitttyyyyyy". She laughs harder. She struggles greater quantity. Kicking and snorting. I grab the submissive of her foot and tickle it. Further snorting as I talk to her condescendingly about the noises that babe keeps making. She laughs out loud. She's truly begins to receive the fence swinging now as that babe bucks around, snorting and laughing. Then I suddenly switch-hitter from tickling her to thrashing her gazoo. Then the one and the other animalism the same time. And now she's beyond her limitation.
Magik spends a adult baby time with Luther. Luther is configured in a upright position as opposed to it's typical horizontal configuration. She attacked her prey like the lifeless sex toy that it is. She was made to kneel on a tiny table and engulf it off. Her hair put into, what was for her, a humiliating on-the-top-of-her-head pig-tail configuration. She just closes her eyes to acquire throughout this task as we see her face fuck herself. The huge girth of Luther filling her face gap absolutely.
A hog tie is how we discover Magik in this scene. Her elbows and wrists brought jointly as that babe lie on her abdomen. Her legs are folded and ankles bound off to her elbows. A large red ball gag in her face aperture. I attempt to add some labia clamps but her twat is so soaked, so smutty, they just slip off. After bondage her toes off to her elbows I sit animalism the other end of the room and have her make her way over to me, to struggle over to me and then engulf Big Black. She begins to make her way over but finds the task rather difficult to do. She's doing a lot of moving around but not truly going anywhere, the ball gag stretching her face gap open. She lifts her chest off the floor and tries to gain some purchase by slinging herself to one side and then the next. Her progress slow and frustrating for her. Tiring her out, indeed. But it's pleasure to see. She is so exhausted from her adult baby chore this babe gives up. She's just tied likewise tightly, in likewise confining of a hog tie to be able to acquire very far. I tie her pig tails and pull her head back and secure that to her elbows. I make her stay there for a bit, camera poked in her face as we see her strain to hold it. After awhile I show up with the Eroscillator. It doesn't take lengthy for her to ask for consent to cum. She's given that affirmation and suddenly we watch her telling the camera, "I'm cumming!". And then she's asking afresh. She pushes 3 greater amount out in quick succession. Each time they are punctuated with the slightest change of breathing. A adult baby quicker intake of air followed by some groans and a grimaced look on her face. It isn't until I leave the vib on her love button a adult baby longer than that babe cant live without that we acquire a harried reaction out of her. A greater amount hopeless and needy demeanor. I'll keep that in mind.
Next we discover Magik shackled in a spread-eagle with Big Blue firmly mounted into her slit by a metallic pipe that is, itself, mounted to the floor. A Hitachi is hung from the ceiling and suspended in a position just over and touching her clitoris. A large red, face hole stuffing ball gag is buckled into her face gap. Clothespins are added to her nipps. And so we see. We see as Magik lies tautly widen, her clitoris being vibbed off and her muff packed so taut with Big Blue that babe can't aid but feel by it. She moves around as most excellent this babe can. She tries to gain some relief. She feels the big o building in spite of the revulsion in her body. Her chest rises and falls with marked punctuation as this babe staves off what's cumming. We hear her make the occasional grunt throughout the ball gag. Yes, it is building. Her eyes taking on a faraway look to em. She let us us know this babe needs to cum but I tell her to stave it off, to think of smth else, like a educate wreck. I tie her toes to the pole Big Blue is mounted onto. Her desperation clearly growing. A foot starts to move sporadically, like that babe has some kind of tick or smth. The ball gag is removed and a bit gag replaces it. I remove her teat clamps and then pinch her nips, squeezing em. She doesn't like it. I tell her if this babe needs to cum that babe need to ask me to flog her meatballs instead. And just now this babe asks me to quirt her love muffins. So I do. Right away we watch this babe doesn't like it. She let us us know it's right animal play her maximum ache threshold. She bucks around but there's nowhere to go. She's constricted. She's given assent to cum and this babe does, just now. But they are so silent. I make her tell us when she's cumming. I make her ask me to wipe her cookie juice on her face. And there is a lot of vagina juice. I take my finger and collect it. I wipe it below her nose. In her nose. I make her tell u, The Viewer, "I'm a cum junkie." She's having an experience like she's not ever had in advance of.
Finally we discover Magik suspended from the ceiling in a horizontal position. Her pig tails one time once more used to tie her head up and back. I walk around to her love tunnel aperture with the fuck stick and take note of just how juicy her muff is. Seethingly moist. Messy. I poke the fuck stick in and begin to work her box over. There is no friction animal training all -it slips in effortlessly. The moist, squishy sounds punctuating every jack off. You acquire a priceless, close view of the penetration occurring to her pierced her love tunnel. As the frequency of the strokes increases we hear a slapping sound. She groans a bit. Her body moving back and forth with every blow. Her eyes are shut and she's grimacing. Her face hole is slightly ajar as her breathing becomes greater amount labored. And now she's requesting consent to cum. Instead, I tell her to ask me to wipe the fuck stick on her face. She does so readily and thus, we watch her acquire a clear sticky substance applied right on her upper lip. Her cum-hole juice. I go back to pounding that box until there's milky fluid seeping from her gap. She's begging to cum now. After several minutes she's given approval and this babe wastes no time poking it out. The fuck stick implacable as that babe starts the agonorgasmos. Before she's done she's begging for it to stop.

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