Release Year: 2014

Genres: DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

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21 year old Zayda is back to The Attic on her 5th visit. And what a soaked visit it was. Let's acquire started.
First off for Zayda is a adult baby time in The Aquarium. After erotic dance and then shackling her with enormous chains and manacles, as well as attaching bowling balls to her neck collar, this babe was placed into a clear, water constricted cage. Zed had already hooked up a lawn sprinkler inside of the cage. You know, the kind that goes tak, tak, tak, tak, whoosh, tak, tak, tak, tak, whoosh. So one time this babe was locked into the cage we turned the water on. The sprinkler came to life and suddenly Zayda was getting thrash in the head by a beefy stream of water. It was kind of like being inside of your own personal weather system. So now we just sit back and see as the water level in the cage receives higher and higher and Zayda get's greater quantity and greater amount water logged. It takes quite awhile to fill that cage up and I think I watch her beginning to shiver now.
Next up for Zayda is a adult baby outdoor time in the cold. It's about 40 degrees outside so I lock her neck and wrists to a board, chain her to a chair beneath some Juniper trees during the time that Zed sets up a sprinkler to keep her hosed down with. Oh, and I secured these bowling balls to the board attached to her neck. Once this babe was secured this babe began to shake just now. The sound that babe made as that babe shivered was constant and loud, the metal of the chains and manacles thrashing against the chair she's handcuffed also. She, in fact, screams a lot. And that babe looks astounding all bare and cold, shivering with her milk shakes in natures garb, water beading up upon her skin. Her hair juicy and sultry. I mean damn, that's got to engulf. She's truly fucking shaking now. Water streaming down her body and she's clearly in distress, crying. Jesus, would u stop shaking? It's kind of getting annoying. Okay, where's the Hitachi and Victor? I lubed that Hitachi up with a giant dollop of peanut butter. Then I called Victor over to clean it up. Then Steve & Frank got in on the business as well. Poor Zayda, just over there watching what is taking place. Knowing I'm about to put that Hitachi right on her vagina. Unfortunately, given that the dogs had so much trouble getting that peanut butter off the end of it due to it getting stuck in their face holes, I had to just go ahead and use it in any case. I heard Zayda let out a gasp when this babe saw that Hitachi just in advance of it chastise her cookie. And naturally, one time it strike that water logged slit, this babe started to do greater quantity than gasp. Her hands turned into fists and this babe started to screech. And what the fuck, this babe just now requests affirmation to cum. What?!
Finally, Zayda is tied with her wrists and elbows brought jointly and then she's bent over and her arms tied up to a ladder. From this point an a-hole hook is installed. Now I'm going to chastise Zayda for being so goddamn gorgeous. I'm going to make her cry over this. I begin with a rod; a miniature miniature rod made of fiberglass. It doesn't take any time animal play all previous to she's crying. I move to a rattan rod. I taste her in measured waves. Relentlessly. Each time this babe cries out and makes a face of agony. I rod her calves and then her Achilles heel. After a scarcely any moments of letting her regain her composure I flagellate her marvelous muff. Then her gazoo cheeks. You can tell it hurts. I mean, outside of the screaming she's doing, this babe keeps trying to pick her tied feet up, just a adult baby, to type of shake off the sting. And that booty hook just rattles around whilst this babe does. And then: WHACK. I made her look animal play u, The Viewer, and tell u this babe merited that. Because she's so goddamn marvelous. Then I had her ask me for some other one and thank me for it after it is delivery. Oh my god, quit that fucking crying u large baby. When I lastly let her have an big o this babe looked like this babe was trying to poke a watermelon out her vagina gap. She screamed. She told "Oh my god!" She sprayed all over my arm.

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