Release Year: 2014

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Gangbang, Spanking

Video language: English

29 year old Celeste is Into The Attic on her 1st visit. She is recent to DOMINANCE AND SUBMISSION having solely been bound up and spanked "a handful of times". Let's receive started.
Celeste begins her day sitting in the recent ITA jail cell. Eventually that babe is removed and we can then watch she's very well restricted. She is made to receive out of the diminutive cell and make her way to the center of the room. There that babe is affixed to a tiny post in the floor. She is secured by the collar around her neck. She's in a tough position and so the interview starts. We learn a great many things about Celeste's raunchy background previous to lastly sticking a ball gag in her throat and flogging her wazoo. Whipping her butt until she'd had greater quantity than her fill.
Celeste is now discovered worshipping Luther with her elbows and wrists brought jointly behind her back. It didn't take any time animal training all for the situation to acquire immodest. She gave it a proper shlong engulfing, licking the shaft, drooling heavily and unfathomable throating it down to a full 3 inches with aplomb. I sure hope u like your blow jobs ribald and with tears out of the one and the other eyes.
Next Celeste is discovered being ring gagged whilst tied in the prone position below a enormous metal bar. Her arms are brought up behind her and bent over the bar and fastened off. Her legs are drawn wide and secured. Her nipps are affixed to a point out in front of her. Then the twat flagellation starts. Followed by the buttock flagellation. She tries to talk in spite of the ring gag which is eliminating copious amounts of drool. I mean damn, this babe indeed carries on a "conversation" like no other gagged honey Into The Attic thus far. It is so incomprehensible that it becomes amusing. I mean, that babe hears herself, right? The Hitachi attacks her fur pie. It desperately disappoints her. Her position is obviously taxing her; nipps pulled out from her body as this babe tries to discover a greater amount comfortable position. Drool is falling from her opened throat and collecting upon anything in front of her. Her eyes roll back in her head repeatedly. Her breathing is taxed, raw and laden with need. The sextoy just buzzes on...
Now we discover Celeste in a strict hog tie --a hog tie that leaves her chest fully off the ground. Ring gagged afresh that babe begins to drool. She's asked to make her way over to the edge of the floor. She struggles and squirms and rocks previous to wearing herself out. Did this babe even make it a foot? When the sex toy finds it is way to her snatch her tough exterior melts away and that babe turns into a woman in dire need. If u saw the look on her face you'd think that babe just heard the worst possible news ever. And the sounds this babe makes, well, you'd think that babe was in pang --like this babe was getting a boil lanced or smth. This get to be valuable? She is no thing if not the anthesis of crave. While this babe is still strictly tied, when I was done, I had her look animal play u, The Viewer, and tell u just how worthwhile her orgasms were.
Finally we discover Celeste in a terribly stripped position. She is on her back with her a-hole in the air. Arms fastened out, down and toward her lower body. Her legs are drawn up, drawn to the point her ankles are near her head and secured. Of course, this sort of objectifying position requires that we do just that. So a Hitachi receives popped on her cookie right away. When that babe receives to the point of big o she's been said to look animalism u, The Viewer, and tell u that this babe get to ask to be screwed with the fuck stick in advance of that babe can cum. And it doesn't take lengthy for her to ask u. So I oblige. I press a biggest dark sex toy into her box and begin fucking her with it. When that vibrator sinks into that cum-hole you'd think I'd just thrown a bucket of cold water on her by her reaction. But that babe warmed up quick. So quickly that that babe began to entreat for assent to cum so frequently that I had to acquire stern with her when denying em. I can solely think of one other beauty that begged like that babe did for that agonorgasmos. She said me this babe needed it. I just kept denying it. She lastly started to curse me betwixt her loud and vocal pleadings for release. At one point that babe even told, "Fucker, I crave to cum NOW!". She was admirable in her requests prior to that. Then she'd go back to being fine in advance of cursing me another time. And when this babe was lastly allowed that agonorgasmos, that marital-device pumping, marital-device induced agonorgasmos --she exploded. I didn't think a couple of lungs could hold that much air. She screamed for what appeared to be like a wonderful 15 minutes. Just screaming. And I was still pumping that sex-toy. I could feel her vagina grabbing it. Locking onto it. She continued screaming, took one more biggest breath and screamed some greater amount. I thought that babe might be expelling a demon. And when this big o was over this babe had tears running down one as well as the other sides of her face. Must have been a wonderful one.

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