Alison, Jane and Nikki are 3 juvenile army privates animal training a week-end camp. But Nikki has gone AWOL in order to watch her boyfriend whilst Alison and Jane finish the guard duty. Near the end, Jane is cleaning her rifle and inadvertently shoots a movie of ammo, almost killing Alison. All hell breaks loose; all 3 are put on a charge and summoned to watch the Chief next morning in front of the rest of their company.
Initially the gals are to tell the truth, and the Colonel sentences em to a triple spanking to try to break their wall of silence. They are spanked simultaneously, the room echoing to the smacks.
Alison pretty soon cracks and explains what has happened to the dismay of the other gals. Nikki is sentenced to 50 strokes of the rod for going AWOL and Jane 100 strokes for dangerously discharging a rifle, whilst Alison escapes with no greater quantity torment.

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Moonglow - Army Hundred