Release Year: 2014

Studio: Topgrl

Cast: Bonnie Day, Mona Wales

Genres: POWER PLAY, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

“Make yourself comfortable.” Never have such effortless words come with such a sinister understanding. Bonnie Day is staring animal training Mona Wales' stripped, consummate body, and this babe is filled with a combination of dread and craving. Mona is known for being a merciless sadist, and Bonnie can already tell that this babe won't be able to refuse her when this babe starts to make demands. “Make yourself comfortable,” this babe told. But how can Bonnie be comfortable when that babe is practically jumping out of her skin with anticipation. The 1st demand was facile, all Bonnie had to do was take off her clothing. She was nervous, erotic dance in front of a charming woman who clearly had no problem showing off her own body. But this babe complied out of complaining. It felt priceless to be undressed, even in that chilly room. It felt even more good to surrender to the will of some other. She heard and this babe obeyed. She didn't resist or protest. It was easier this way. It felt right. Letting Mona have her way is how Bonnie would be pleased. It's how that babe would be fulfilled.

Format: mp4

Duration: 59:36

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2681kbps

Audio: 112kbps

The Sadist Is Present (15 Dec 2014) Topgrl

The Sadist Is Present (15 Dec 2014) Topgrl

File size: 1.2 GB

The Sadist Is Present (15 Dec 2014) Topgrl