With over the knee spanking, tickling, exposed tying, flagellation, teat tweaking, hair pulling & flagellation on foot soles.
They're supposed to session with a wealthy European client, but Koko shows up 2 hours late, missing the appointment absolutely! Stephanie would have been even greater amount violent but the client, who is gone by the time Koko arrives, has thoughtfully left sufficiently allowance for the enforcement of the errant yielding to take place in any case.
Stephanie makes Koko understand that that babe is going to be spanked and spanked rough for disappointing the one and the other their client and her dominatrix. The tall, commanding Stephanie Locke pulls the diminutive, 24 year old Thai girl over her skirted lap and starts Koko's hand spanking over the expensive, glove taut dark leather costume the wicked brunette hair has on, but pretty soon makes Koko stand up so that the costume can be unzipped and summarily naked off. Back over Ms Locke's powerful haunches goes agreeable Koko, to have her dark lace pants warmed and then pulled down for a sound, in natures garb sub spanking. Taking the skinny minx by her lengthy, silky dark hair, Stephanie makes Koko squirm and whore out by applying ever harder smacks to her cute, well rounded seat.
Next, Stephanie rope ties the miniature exposed Koko over a spanking bench, taking care to tie even her toes. Stephanie teasingly torments her captive by tickling her dainty feet, miniature waist and vulnerable armpits. Stephanie pinches the upright nipps of the girl's perfectly proportioned pointer sisters until Koko squeals. The flagellation commences and includes not merely Koko's exquisite servant, but likewise her tantalizing lady parts.
Back and slave whipping, vagina flogging, teat tweaking, tickling and rope restraint bondage fill this marvelous w0man tops beauties scene with a multiformity of seductive corporal punishments. In complete push around of her excitingly responsive underling, Stephanie submits Koko to one as well as the other a lengthy and short cat, as well as shriek-provoking tickling, until the strict disciplinarian is pleasured that her mischievous assistant has learned that when your domina is counting on u, u don't let her down.

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Shadow Lane - Stephanies Whipping Girl

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