Release Year: 2014

Studio: InfernalRestraints

Cast: Delirious Hunter

Genres: POWER PLAY, Bondage, Humilation

Video language: English

Headless Hunter Part 1

Delirious Hunter has her head betwixt the floor boards and that good butt of hers sticking up in the air when PD walks into the room. She can hear his steps on the floor boards so this babe knows this chab is coming closer. What this babe doesn't know is why. She's called him each name in the book, a obscene old pervert and worse, but this chab just appears to be to feed off of her anger. It indeed urinates her off.
PD doesn't indeed care what makes her cheerful, sad, or eager sufficiently to fight. All that guy knows is how to make her tractable. A adult baby bit of torture, some constricted tying to make her feel powerless, and controlled orgasms to let her know that this babe is not in charge of her own body, every one sends the same message, that this chab is in charge and this babe is just an object. Objects can't actually acquire angry

Headless Hunter Part 2

We're going to have to ask Delirious Hunter, after this is all over, which part of this treatment was the worst for her. Having her head locked in a box can't be enchanting. It makes her screams echo back into her ears whenever the rod comes down on her gazoo, haunches or calves.
Then once more, having her head free doesn't do her much priceless if this babe is chained down. Her legs are attached to a spreader bar so her cum-hole is wide open and naked. She can watch anything coming but it doesn't mean that this babe can avoid it.
Fire play. That's the thing that babe desires this babe could receive away from. Flames underneath her feet are exceedingly uncomfortable, but when we begin teasing her with fireballs around her muff, that's when this babe actually comes to a conclusion this babe doesn't like this game anymore. But like we told, just coz this babe can watch it coming, doesn't mean that that babe can avoid it.

Headless Hunter Part1, 2.

Headless Hunter Part1, 2.

Headless Hunter Part1, 2.

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Headless Hunter Part1, 2.

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