The 6th part of our severe game show with a brand fresh set of angels. The code: A pair of gals are invited to the show. Two of em are chosen for duel. Both beauties get alternating sets of 6 strokes with the same instrument on their same body parts. Each wank is worth 30 USD. The duel goes until one of the 2 participants quits. The looser doesn't receive a penny, the winner takes all the specie for all the strokes this babe received and too has the opportunity to participate in the next duel (this is not obligatory). The 1st duel features a frontal single tail flogging, the second duel features a very intense love tunnel flogging with an electric cord and a cat'o’nine.

File size: 1.9 GB

ElitePain - Painful Duel 6 (HD)

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