Anya and Ira are animal play the club dancing and having a great time. Little do they know, they're about to meet with some nefarious characters that crave em no thing but torment and humiliation. Meanwhile, George, Andrusha, and Dina are plotting the most excellent way to receive greater quantity slaves with which to castigate vigorously. The 3 go to the club where Anya and Ira are dancing, meet the angels and impact up a conversation. They convince the beauties to come back to their abode with em to get-together with some illustrious people.
When the cuties arrive they quickly learn that they have been duped! They are made to disrobe, and are abased with groping, naughty comments, and said to dance for their audience. They are made to crawl on the ground with leashes on whilst Andrusha whips em. And the awful Andrusha even canes one of the terrified cuties! And this is merely part one - their anguish proceeds!

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Discipline in Russia Vol.36 - Kidnapping in Moscow Part 2