Release Year: 2003

Cast: Cory Lane, Mary Jane Green, Sara Walker


Cory Lane has always been one of the finest restraint bondage actresses around but this babe truly outdoes herself in this bizarre, dramatic title.
One of our most good restraint bondage titles ever! Cory looks incredible and perfectly conveys the humiliation and frustration of her infirm character.
Blonde bombshell Cory (Tammi) is rough animalism work when Frank the janitor asks her out. She tries to break it to him simple that this babe is not interested, but this chab cant take a hint. After Cory rejects him outright, the janitor acquires vindictive. He grabs her and ties her up on the table, gagging her 1st with a lemon and later with a wadded cloth and clear packing tape. He lifts her shirt to disclose her purple brassiere and fantastic cleavage. Then this chab pulls off her petticoat, throws her over his shoulder and carries her away. Next, Cory is in just her pants. Frank gags her with a rubber ball and ties her to a post in his garage. After leaving her to whimper in phobia for a whilst, that guy comes back with a leash and collar and drags her inside. Then this guy ties her standing with her hands bound to the ceiling. She groans and whimpers for a during the time that until Frank comes back to move her to his bedroom. Later, Cory is hogtied on the couch. She pleads for release but Frank gags her with a red cloth. Left alone, Cory removes her shoes and hops throughout the abode to a phone. But Frank catches her and is piddled. Now Cory is fastened to a chair with a big bit-gag in her throat. Frank leaves her there to groan and moan and wonder if that guy will ever let her go.

Format: mov (QuickTime)

Duration: 1:16:56

Video: 400x300, SVQ3, 544kbps

Tammis Torment (2003)

Tammis Torment (2003)

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Tammis Torment (2003)