Release Year: 2000

Cast: Andrea Neal, Stacy Burke, Nina Neon, Cory Lane


Andrea plays a enchanting college cheerleader (she looks delightsome in the dress who has made a discovery in chemistry class that merciless daddy Stacy desires to acquire her hands on. Stacy invites Andrea over and, catching her off guard, that babe slaps a -soaked rag over her face, knocking her breath. Andrea awakens securely fastened and is taunted by Stacy who takes off her nylons and uses em to gag her feeble hostage. Left alone, Andrea struggles rough and hops around in a despairing attempt to acquire free. Stacy returns and blindfolds Andrea to keep her still. Next, Stacy makes Andrea to disrobe down to her pants. Andrea is then fastened, ballgagged and left in a closet. Andrea struggles raw and eventually frees herself. When Stacy returns, Andrea grabs her. Later, Stacy finds herself in the closet with wrists cuffed over her head, ankles cuffed and a cloth gag betwixt her teeth. Stacy struggles rough and pleads for release but Andrea returns and closes her in the closet. Andrea and Stacy have great chemistry jointly in this scene. Andrea does a great job as the sinless hostage and Stacy is always a great villain.

Format: mov (QuickTime)

Duration: 1:17:31

Video: 640x480, SVQ3, 1158kbps

Bound & Gagged 10 (2000)

Bound & Gagged 10 (2000)

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Bound & Gagged 10 (2000)