Bound At Home 1: Melanie (2000)

Release Year: 2000

Cast: Melanie


A creep in a hockey blindfold has kidnapped and cleave gagged skinny, breasty redhead Melanie. He makes her to the floor and hogties her using bracelets and rope. The kidnapped girl is then left alone to endure this uncomfortable position. She wrestles exhaustingly with the constricted tying whilst the villain is away. He returns later and unties her, but not for lengthy. Then, the villain ties Melanie, bent over, to a chair by her wrists and ankles. She is still cleave gagged and wearing a tee shirt and jeans. He removes the cloth gag and replaces it with a wad of packing and some duct tape. He spanks her booty and caresses her menacingly for a during the time that. Left alone, Melanie struggles rough against her bonds, wrestling with the chair and rocking it back and forth. Later, Melanie is maked to disrobe down to her pants, revealing her astonishing pointer sisters. Since this babe looks so cute in her white tennis shoes, her captor let us her keep her shoes and socks on. He then hogties and cleave gags her, previous to leaving her alone to suffer this painful and humiliating position. She writhes around on the carpet in a futile effort to free herself. Her pointer sisters shake and her slender waist gyrates as that babe wrestles furiously with the ropes. Then, Melanie is maked to disrobe fully stripped and put on a couple of sheer tan nylon pantyhose and her cute white tennis shoes. After putting her in a hog tie using wristlets and rope, that guy cleave gags her and leaves her to suffer on the love seat. She tries to squirm her way out of the restraint bondage, but there is no hope. Her muffled cries are likewise pitiful for anyone to hear her. Still wearing no thing but sheer hose and tennis shoes, Melanie is bound to a chair, cleave gagged and blindfolded. Alone, blindfolded and tied, this babe looks about as vulnerable as a person can be. She rocks the chair back and forth in her struggle to break free. No longer blindfolded but still gagged and in just hose, Melanie finds herself fastened up with her wrists fastened to her knees. She thrashes and fumbles around on the floor and sofa endlessly, making her large bumpers bounce. The villain shows up, bows her over and caresses her booty. Melanie is ball gagged and bound, fully naked except for her sneakers, in a corner. Her wrists are strung up overhead and her knees and ankles are fastened jointly. The camera probes her magnificent body from several angles. Her cunt is completely naked and her gazoo is round and firm. Melanie is tied and gagged with duct tape by the villain. In her unsuccessful attempt to free herself, Melanie kneels down, then lays on her side, then squirms around on her back. She kicks her feet up in the air. All this movement does no thing to loosen her restraint bondage. Later, Melanie is gagged with a bandana and hogtied one final time on the ottoman. The villain gropes her wobblers briefly. It has been joy torturing his poor martyr, but alas, it is time to to go. He leaves her there to be discovered later absolutely undressed and bound in the degrading, punishing wrist and ankle bondage. She rolls around on the sofa, whimpering helplessly, then stares into the camera. Who will rescue this poor cutie?

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Duration: 1:34:11

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Bound At Home 1: Melanie (2000)

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Bound At Home 1: Melanie (2000)