All Tied Up 9 (2000)

Release Year: 2000

Cast: Nina Neon, Allison, Brooke


Busty Allison is not having a nice day. First, that babe is hogtied and cleave gagged on her daybed in a dark slide and dark sheer hose. She twists and turns and whimpers and groans but can not receive free. Next, Allisons captor ties her to a kitchen chair with her feet jointly. Later, the kidnapper reties her with her legs apart and changes her gag to a bandana. But there is greater amount anguish for Allison! It is back to the daybed with her, where this babe is tied and gagged in a pink satin nightie and tan sheer stockings. Finally, this babe is fastened to the chair one time greater quantity, this time facing the back of the chair. The kidnapper pulls down the belt of her nightie to make her terror for what is in store for her. Not a particularly precious scene. Allison is a adult baby unbending and the tying is not very secure.
Beautiful Brooke looks outstanding as that babe struggles in bare tying, her tan California skin tortured by rope and tape. First, this babe rolls around on her ottoman, tightly tied and gagged with shiny duct tape. Later, this babe is tied with rope, tape-gagged. After that, that babe finds herself hogtied, blindfolded and gagged with a bandana. She then has to endure greater amount duct tape tying. This time, after much squirming and whining, that babe receives an idea and squirms her way back to the one more room to retrieve a retractable knife. Will that babe ever free herself? Not likely. Brookes palatable tanned body and gorgeous feet are a pleasure to see.
Stunning dark brown Nina, looking ravishing in a white business dress, pantyhose and heels, is animalism home when an intruder arrives and knocks her out with . Nina wakes up tied and cloth-gagged on her ottoman, constrained and whimpering. She struggles to free herself but the criminal returns and makes her to do a striptease for him. She shakes her stuff for the goon, showing off her pliant billibongs and palatable wazoo. Later, Nina is maked to put on a sheer white cotton blouse and dark petticoat and is gagged and bound to the railing of the stairs. The creep resolves to have a adult baby joy so this chab undoes her blouse and yanks down her petticoat and leaves her there resistance play pathetically.

Format: mov (QuickTime)

Duration: 1:30:35

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All Tied Up 9 (2000)

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All Tied Up 9 (2000)