Release Year: 2014

Studio: Real Time Bondage

Cast: Penny Barber, Mollie Rose

Genres: POWER PLAY, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Spanking, Humiliation

Video language: English

Penny Barber and Mollie Rose are 2 sides of the same coin. On one side is Penny, the nice-looking impudent slave. She cant live without to antagonize her tormentors to watch what they are made of and acquire em to shove her to her protocol. On the other is Mollie. She is as submissive as they come, soreness gladly since each bit of pang pushes her closer to an big o. Between the 2 of em they give us plenty of reasons to play with our cruelest toys.

When we make a model stand on a copper plate everybody watching knows exactly what that means. Polished to a bright shine, the metal is of course beautiful, but that's not why we like it so much. For us the main attraction is the handsome conductivity. Once a hotty is standing on the sheet it will action as a flawless ground to complete the circuit. The solely question is... “Where should we attach the Other end of the current?”

That's a joke. We all know that we are going to hook the lead to her vagina. It ensures we'll acquire the maximum possible reaction from each shock.

Penny is a crafty adult baby minx. As pretty soon as we begin the current flowing that babe manages to shimmy her feet free of the sheet. Unfortunately for her, we aren't blind or silly and neither are our viewers.

A not many quick adjustments and not merely do we have ropes making sure her feet stay over the center of the plate, but we've discovered a way to turn this into a nice adult baby predicament. That rope restraint of hers keeps Penny in a standing position. If that babe is ready to put a but of strain on herself this babe can use it to lift herself up off of the plate.

We should do smth to stop it, but it's just so much pleasure knowing that eventually that babe has to put her feet down. Or animal training least it is for us. It causes Penny so much horror that we even remove her gag, just to hear her begging and screaming more excellent.

Format: mp4

Duration: 56:16

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2685kbps

Audio: 106kbps

RTB - Penny Dreadful Part 3 - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - HD

RTB - Penny Dreadful Part 3 - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - HD

File size: 1.2 GB

RTB - Penny Dreadful Part 3 - Penny Barber, Mollie Rose - HD

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