Lovely Latex Lady Yvette Costeau leash led & tied up tightly (2014)

Release Year: 2014


German infatuation superstar Yvette is clothed in a latex, girdle, fully fashioned nylons and boots as I begin to tie her up. She receives a chest restraint, elbows jointly, writs bound off to her sides, crotch rope on her exposed crotch. She receives a ballgag with chin belt and nipp clamps which I use to attach a leash to and lead her throughout the large vacation abode, even outdoors and then back up some steps into the abode. She acquires seated in a chair and some garments pins aded to her teats, then her legs bound off to the sides of the chair, a rope across the haunches used mostly to pull her nipp clamps down. She keeps putting her head down, so I attach a rope to the back of her gag and pull her head back so we can watch her charming adult baby face a bit greater quantity. Yvette is a very worthy restraint bondage model, like a lot of German models beautiful stoic. She drools A LOT which this babe doesn’t like. She too doesn’t like gags very much animal training all…tho this babe is very tough when it comes to constricted ties. So I’m a bit mean and leave that ballgag in her face hole the whole clip…Then I discover a large couple of red lace pants and circumcised a gap in em for the ballgag, and tie em off in back. Then I acquire some reaction out of her by removing these clothing pins. I tell her I’m going to go make dinner and await for our abode guests, but not previous to pulling her head back even greater amount and taking a pair iphone images. I tell her that babe might be able to untie herself coz there are some knots close to her wrists, but her arms are nice-looking purple and it’s truly no use. So this babe stays there drooling and looking nice-looking for us for a bit previous to I come back and tell her I’ll do her a favour and remove the nipp clamps for her.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 19:55

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Lovely Latex Lady Yvette Costeau leash led & tied up tightly (2014)

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Lovely Latex Lady Yvette Costeau leash led & tied up tightly (2014)

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