Release Year: 2013

Studio: Sexually Broken

Cast: Ashley Starr, Matt Williams

Genres: POWER EXCHANGE, Extreme Bondage, Humilation, Hardcore, Fetish, Domination

Video language: English

Professional Body builder, fastened, skull screwed, made to cum with fake penis and dick! Helpless!

Professional Body Builder Ashley Starr is back on Sexually Broken. This beefy babes is tied, manhandled and put in her raunchy place.

We begin by taking four-strand Bavarian hemp rope and binding our muscled gal, elbows behind her back. With just that one piece of rope Ashley discovers her mighty strength is useless. She is quite stuck but let us pile on the dispair, shall we? We add rope to her wrists, now that babe knows this babe is infirm, this babe knows that there will be no heroic feet of strength that can free her. It not a feeling this babe is used to animal play all.

We jam a giant ring gag into her large throat. Her face hole is held wide open, drool oozes down her body and there is no thing Ashley can do about it. How embarrassing, this strong hotties can't even stop drooling all over herself. We knock her to her knees and pull out our wang. She knows what will come next. Her arms trapped behind her, her face hole held open, that babe knows the wang is going to fuck her mouth and this babe knows this babe is powerless to stop it. Ashley understands what raunchy dismay is, as the pecker hits the back of her face hole.

All her punishment, strength and muscles mean no thing, this babe is on her knees being skull screwed. We hold the shlong down her face hole, that babe can't even bite down if this babe had to, intense metal is holding her face hole wide open for pecker.

We pick Ashley off the ground, bow her over and slip the weenie balls unfathomable into her moist twat 1st jerk off! Within seconds of being drilled unfathomable, Ashley cums and cums raw. She can't push around her body, that babe has cum leaking out of her cum-hole, drool leaking out of her throat. She is absolutely used sexually. The meaning of her existence is now to simply take ramrod, take it any way we crave, animal play any time, in any aperture, and there is no thing that babe can do to stop it. Her body was ours when the ropes went on, but now her mind is ours coz the penis has won

We further bind our powerless Bodybuilder into a brutal widen strappado. Muscles pulled and stretched to their boundaries, we fuck her some greater amount, make her cum over and over with the dildo. Her love button is swollen from all the cumming, it is giant! No doubt the largest love button u will ever watch.

Format: mp4

Duration: 22:46

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7274kbps

Audio: 104kbps

SB - Professional Body Builder, bound, skull fucked - Ashley Starr

SB - Professional Body Builder, bound, skull fucked - Ashley Starr

SB - Professional Body Builder, bound, skull fucked - Ashley Starr

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SB - Professional Body Builder, bound, skull fucked - Ashley Starr