06 Sep 2014

Studio: Insex

After 3 hours of anticipation, the show starts with a dramatic wrist suspension. PD provides some support, allowing 130 to wrap her legs around his waists during the time that this guy cuts off her dress, brassiere, and pants. He toys with her, lowering her to the ground then lifting her up another time. Chest heaving, her lithe body quivers underneath the strain. Finally let down, this babe is ordered to pull a stocking over her head. She is hogtied on her stomach with rope her to arch her back, showing off her tantalizing fastened bumpers. A dental gag holds her throat open for some gag reflex drill. Her body convulses as Mr. Pogo is repeatedly thrust deeper and deeper down her face hole.

Format: real

Duration: 2:44:23

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps


File size: 266.2 MB


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