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Today we have 2 subjects for our very peculiar study. This study is of endurance. How lengthy can a per be deprived of comfort in advance of they crack? How lengthy can anybody be disappointed sexually, emotionally, and physically in advance of they can not take anymore. This "double blind study" will explore those themes. In fact, the subjects of this study are so interested in finding out the answers to those questions that they themselves have volunteered and come up with many of the ideas for their own torture.The study begins outside. First we need to wash our subjects. We would not desire a tainted result. Once they are enough clean and shivering we subject em to the 1st test. Fear. Can they bear the terror of being in an enclosed tub as it sluggishly fills with water? The result is quite fascinating.Now that we know the answer to that hypothesis, we turn from water to fire. Can they bear the heat of a crackling fire? Can they bear the heat of fiery capsaicin on their majority tender female bits?Lastly, raunchy servitude. Now that they have been broken down by cold water and hawt fire, how do they fare animal play enchanting others?The purely educational answers to those scientific queries and greater quantity can be discovered in this movie archive of the starting of a 26 hour test of mental and physical endurance.

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Double Blind Study Elise Graves Dixon Ma

Double Blind Study Elise Graves Dixon Ma

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Double Blind Study Elise Graves Dixon Ma