Studio: Fucking Dungeon / Dungeoncorp

Genres: Bdsm, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

Rylie figures she is just chastise the jackpot in the online dating sweepstakes. Shes met a fellow, he is tall, built and rides a mean assed bike. Hes got a adult baby coin also, so that is always a bonus. Out on their 1st date, theyre just cruising around, he is got large plans; maybe some dinner, a visit to the picture show and such. Or so this chab says They make a pit stop by the office so this chab can grab some money for their primetime evening. Rylies been left outdoors and this hawt date appears to be to be growing a bit cold as the stud is just seemingly taking forever. With her patience wearing thin, that babe gives a decision this babe should go and investigate to watch what could be taking the stud so damn lengthy. Walking into the office, she is greeted by a lengthy, black hall. Its not the solely thing black though, as the musclebound madman springs from the shadows and unveils his true motives.

Format: mp4

Duration: 27:25

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Audio: 46kbps

Hot Iron and Hard Ties 1 (Rylie Richman)

Hot Iron and Hard Ties 1 (Rylie Richman)

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Hot Iron and Hard Ties 1 (Rylie Richman)