is an executive that's not taken seriously by her peers. She has sought out the assist of Miss Simone to be turned into a living doll. A lengthy series of inescapable restraint bondage and torture awaits her. Afterwards, she'll be the doll everybody always thought that babe was.
Starring: Julie Simone and LeMarchand.
3 Reasons Why You Want This Movie
1. Intricate Rope Bondage.
2. Twisted Doll Fantasy.
3. Julie Simone's curvaceous body in beautiful latex.

Format: MPEG

Duration: 1:06:39

Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps

Audio: 218kbps

Gwen Media - Dolly Dreams

Gwen Media - Dolly Dreams

File size: 665.2 MB

Gwen Media - Dolly Dreams

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