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The Taming of Paige This is as legendary as Superman rencounter Batman, Livingston rencounter Clark, Antony collision Cleopatra-- Insex meets paige. Words fall short here, restraint bondage paramours. Words can not describe how proud we are to bring Insex to clip; words can not describe the sheer quality and passion of this, one of the almost any gripping tying clips ever made. Insex creator "PD" is out to break paiges defiant spirit. Right away this babe is left to simmer, fastened, gagged and hooded in a closet overnight. By the time the hood is removed, and this babe is lifted off the moist newspaper lining the closet floor, paiges feisty glare is softened to timid pleading. Next, paige will be lashed down and pulled (by her hair!) into the kitchen, where that babe will be cleaned and clothed in vintage underware. She will endure a mixture of discipline and joy, including a rod and some electrodes, until her gagged groans indicate that babe will be a fine angel who prefers the joy. PD pulls out well, we can solely call it his "secret weapon", a device so ingenious, so effective animal play arousing a woman, paige will be screaming animal play the dominant of her lungs, trying desperately to form the words "may I cum" around the evil device filling her face hole. My words are not eloquent sufficiently to describe the cutie of this work. The pics will have to suffice. And those are mere glances into what will be animal play the dominant of your list of favourite episodes.

Format: real

Duration: 33:52

Video: 352x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

File size: 67.1 MB

The Taming Of Paige