Studio: Hard Tied

Milky skin, blonde and blue-eyed, Stars been a restraint bondage model for years, even toughing it out animalism Insex. Yet she is an enigma. As PD lashes her to a post and tapes her face to it, as this chab paws her and disrobes her, that guy pushes her buttons. For the 1st time, this chab makes her come. Shes surprised, uneasy. As that guy whips her and pokes her foot with a skewer, it is clear. Shed rather take suffering than intimacy. He desires to break throughout. Shes determined to resist. Hanging from a post with Mr. Pogo propped inside and a sex-toy buzzing on her twat, that babe bursts into big o a second time. Her eyes are veiled, distant. As though this babe knows. PD won.

Format: real

Duration: 28:28

Video: 640x480, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

The Enigma Part One

The Enigma Part One

File size: 97.1 MB

The Enigma Part One