Twitchy And Wet, Part 1 Live Feed 912

Studio: Insex Archives

912 and PD go nuclear in a face-slapping, cock-sucking, breast-bashing Live Feed that reeks of corporal like you’ve not ever seen corporal in advance of. Pd whips, beats, slaps, and canes like the Hounds of Hell are nipping animal play his heels. You receive the sense that 912 has promised herself, that babe won’t give in. This is play for the love of it, when you’ve blown away the boundaries and u don’t give a damn.

Part One begins with 912 tied in a wrist and ankle bondage. This moves quickly to strangulation and receives greater quantity intense as the minutes pass. He beats her feet with a rod, ties her toes agonizingly constricted, and canes her anew. Then her wrists are wrenched up high behind her back, and the rope is fastened off around her neck. She sucks schlong as this babe chokes. Her face is slapped. Then greater amount 10-pounder.

Lying on her belly, 912’s feet are fastened to a post and her soles acquire some hellish rapid thrashing. Her neck is hoisted in the air, throttling her. As she’s caned and slapped, her throat is stuffed with jock. PD takes greater quantity and greater quantity of her, implacable, striking her harder if that babe flinches.

Heavy metal balls are handcuffed to every of her ankles. Her wrists are chained above her head. 912’s double D zeppelins just entreat to be ripped and pawed. So PD punches and slaps. And 912? The whore receives moist. Out comes the captains daughter, flogging her love muffins. The tip of a tomcat works itself into a knot, devastating 912’s mangos, leaving a mass of terrifying marks. Lurid mottled welts coalesce on the surface of her skin against a background of unfathomable bruising.

Format: real

Duration: 56:54

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Twitchy And Wet, Part 1 Live Feed 912

Twitchy And Wet, Part 1 Live Feed 912

File size: 144.2 MB

Twitchy And Wet, Part 1 Live Feed 912

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