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Wide-eyed, voluptuous piglet is strangled, manacled inside a water reservoir, and submerged. Add 912 and her DD cup pointer sisters to the mix, and what follows is 100% sensual, 2 beauties face fucking. A cattle prod gives encouragement. The finale is a double breast suspension with accompanying dual groans and moans.

piglet starts in a darksome gown, fastened standing. The rope around her neck keeps her on her tip-toes. Her big, soft-fleshed love melons are slapped and yanked. She is then tied in strappado and her feet and arse caned, bringing a flush to her skin.

Her ample love bubbles are squished betwixt 2 locking metal bands and handcuffed to either side of the inside of a metal container. piglet’s eyes spread as a glass door is bolted into place and water fills from underneath. The level rises quickly. She is given a breathing catheter just in time. The aquarium fills and the lights go out, leaving piglet alone, her eyes searching in the darksome. In the next scene, that babe swims about, stealing adult baby sips of air near the dominant, then searching desperately for a way out.

piglet’s and 912’s wrists are pulled behind their backs and bound to the contradictory breast. Plastic bags are taped around their heads. They writhe and squirm as they as they suffocate, shocked by a cattle prod. Then every angel is fitted with a vibrator gag. One end fits in the face hole, so that a dick sticks out of the face. The cattle prod convinces em to face fuck every other animal play the same time, their bare bodies curled into a human knot, fastened marangos rubbing.

The cuties are one as well as the other tied, arms behind backs, one ankle tied to haunch, so that they are enough controlled. Their bumpers are ballooned and every couple of pantoons is attached to either end of a suspension bar. The beauties are raised sluggishly until they swing, lazily turning, evenly balanced as they dangle from the bar, their groans in synchrony.

Format: real

Duration: 43:16

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Twins 912, Piglet

Twins 912, Piglet

Twins 912, Piglet

File size: 70.4 MB

Twins 912, Piglet

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