Trouble Times Two

Studio: Bond Group Ltd.

Rebecca is dragged into the basement by 2 fellows who mean business. She is quickly tied (elbows jointly to a stool and ballgagged; the gag pulled deeply into her throat. She is no match for the 2 chaps who continue to cop a not many feels off their powerless captive in advance of leaving her to struggle uselessly. The fellows return to and re-tie her into a bent-over seated position from which that babe will at no time escape. Blonde Stacy finds herself animal play the leniency of 2 strangers who matter-of-factly bind and gag her, putting her into a strict wrist and ankle bondage with her elbows jointly. She is then partially nude, roped into a balltie and gagged with packing and duct tape. Shapely Sabrina is grabbed animal play the master of the stairs and made absolutely powerless by 2 fellows who show no lenience as they grab and grope their resistance play prize. The fellows return to untie her, merely to make her even greater quantity uncomfortable by bondage her elbows jointly and roping up her scones. She is then put into a very taut wrist and ankle bondage and left to grunt and moan to no avail. Tory is reading a book when jumped by 2 studs who waste no time in binding and ball-gagging this hard-body hotty. She hardly has time to breathe in advance of they return and re- tie her even greater quantity tightly. She is naked and folded into a wrist and ankle bondage that suggests her no chance of escape. Gloria is grabbed and duct-taped whilst primping for a date -- that babe now has a date with constricted restraint bondage and the 2 chaps give her a nice time of it. Her giant mangos bounce and dance as this babe struggles against the chaps and the ropes. She flops onto the floor where this babe struggles but she is in a short time dragged to a post -- greater quantity elbows-together restraint bondage is in store for our buxom prier. Stacy foolishly tries to rescue her fastened ally but is in a short time fastened and gagged alongside Gloria where the 2 shall remain for quite some time..

Format: real

Duration: 1:23:39

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 31kbps

Trouble Times Two

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Trouble Times Two