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YX begins as a fully bridled pony. She strikes a breathtaking pose in a cupless darksome corset, thick leather collar, clamps on every teat attached with chain, and her head bridled with bit in face hole. She wears pony boots that bring her up on her toes. Her hands are in dark leather mitts, the fingertip rings attached to the back of her collar then pulled forward to the front of her chest. Her elbows are belted behind her back so that her arms are tight, thrusting her pantoons forward. A pony tail, attached to a a-hole plug, hangs from her arse. Bells dangle from her crotch belt, jingling as this babe shuffles, much as tethered horses shuffle in place. She is tethered with chain to the arm of a post. The arm moves in a circle, somewhat like a lunge rope used to educate and exercise horses. YX is made to prance in a circle, lifting her hooves high, as though practicing dressage. Blinders are put in place. She snorts and neighs, her athletic haunches and booty working rough to keep her on her feet.

She is unbridled and her bonds are loosened. The gazoo plug is removed, and afterwards, a bulbous sex-toy is taken out of her vagina.

She hangs by her wrists, a painful suspension. YX is given pointy blocks of wood upon which to stand to relieve the pressure on her wrists. When this babe is tickled, that babe knocks over the blocks of wood. She sets em erect with her talented feet. One wonders what else these feet can do. A metal stim easily slides inside of her and is thonged in place. Then other blocks are placed animal play her feet. These have copper tops. When the current is turned on, that babe completes the circuit by standing on one as well as the other blocks. YX is shocked. It doesn’t take lengthy for her to cry. She says it is shocking the one and the other of her legs. However, that babe won’t move her feet. It is likewise painful for her wrists. The current is ramped up another time and anew. Mascara runs down her cheeks.

YX is placed in a difficult wrist and ankle bondage, her forearms fastened parallel to one one more across her back. A dental gag spreads her throat. Then Mr. Pogo goes to work in that gap. Mr. Pogo moves to her cookie. The lips of her cunt hang loose, tattered folds of flesh, like hard meat. He bonks her raw. Then the sex toy is used on her. Yx’s labia fatten. Just when that babe appears to be working up, this chab stops and walks away. She cries.

Because her muff drooled during her fucking, this babe is made to clean the floor. A big brush is belted into her face hole. Her arms are still fastened behind her back. A pail of soapy water is placed nearby. She scrubs the area inch by inch, her wazoo thrust into the air.

A platform is set up, about waist high. YX sits on it, her arms still behind her back. 101 appears wearing darksome latex panties, a darksome corset, her milk shakes fastened in dark belts, a marital-device fit over her throat so that it pokes out from her face, and one more penis jutting out from her thighs. YX sucks the lower rod, moving up and down the dark, shiny shaft. 101 clutches her by the hair and plunges in and out of her throat. YX is then made to slide a fucking-rubber over the knob with her face hole. She deep-throats it to acquire it all the way on. Then that babe is on her knees, face down. 101 permeates her from behind. YX looks somewhat happier with this turn of event. 101 then puts YX on her side and copulates her some greater amount. YX is spanked and flogged. Then this babe is untied and 101 lies on her back. YX mounts 101’s prick, sinking down onto it and fucking herself, bouncing up and down. 101 brings out a sex toy. As YX agonorgasmos, this babe stretches backward, arching. Her eyes spread, her breath slowing, then escalating. She comes, rubbing herself on 101’s latex haunch.

Format: real

Duration: 1:16:29

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Pony Girl Live Feed Raw Yx, 101

Pony Girl Live Feed Raw Yx, 101

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Pony Girl Live Feed Raw Yx, 101

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