Mophead 130, 101

05 Jul 2014

Studio: Insex Archives

Thin blond braids tumble over the shoulder, skimming her firm, flexible tits. In this article130, a Southern Belle with attitude, discovers some fresh uses for her lengthy golden locks.

After her interview, 130 is naked and tied to a chair with legs widen wide. Nipples clamped, wrists fastened in a V overhead, that babe is strung up like a marionette. Arms wave and milk sacks bounce animal play the tug of a string.

Lying on her stomach, toes and fingers are bound using tendrils of thick hair. The rest of her braids, held up above, assure that that babe doesn’t go likewise far as this babe wriggles helplessly.

Hair still restraining hands and feet, this babe lies on her back to endure greater quantity humiliate. Rubber bands squeeze her mounds into purple swollen love muffins and hold her legs tightly bent.

She then balances uncomfortably on her knees, anchored by a high ponytail. Cane strokes to the feet cause her to wobble precariously.

Kneeling on the concrete with hair still fastened, this babe proceeds to languish as a rope is tightened around her neck and a petite hook pulls her nose up.

Her legs are splayed open and widen with a bar. Elbows bent, wrists are bound to pointer sisters with rope. Eyes taped, plastic encasing her face, her whines trumpet throughout a plastic T-connector gag as Mr. Pogo is thrust in and out of her snatch and the sex-toy stimulates her burning clitoris.

Leather binding wrists jointly and bar holding legs apart, this babe is ordered to mop the studio floor. On hands and knees that babe drags her hair, drenched in soapy water, across the dirty concrete. The captains daughter encourages her to scrub harder.

Entangled in a mess of braids, hair pulls jointly wrists and ankles, 130 to keep her head down. Flipped on her back, love tunnel and arse are spanked red. A marital-device and dildo castigation her in the intensive position.

Bound to a wooden grid, rope encircles her meatballs and is pulled taut throughout the crotch. Buckets attached to the ends of the ropes are sluggishly filled with water, stretching the mambos out and pulling up harshly animal play her torment love tunnel.

Joining in on the enjoyment, 101 is suspended from the ceiling. Head dangling inches from the floor, that babe wiggles like a worm as the captains daughter strikes her ivory flesh. Nearby, 130 is tied to a metal chair, iron restraining her arms, neck and legs. The violet wand sends electric pulses throughout the body, it is martyr to jerk and convulse and wonder if this castigation will ever end.

Format: real

Duration: 51:40

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Mophead 130, 101

Mophead 130, 101

Mophead 130, 101

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Mophead 130, 101