Tests 9 (Devi, Debbie, Nina)

Studio: Insex

The 1st beauty admits that babe loves being overpowered. Cloth is packed into her face hole. Her black eyes grow big and lamb-like. Her wrists are tied behind her, her elbows and ankles cinched with the raw brown rope. Rope circles her waist, her chest. As her body wiggles on the floor, her petticoat works itself up her hips, showing her pink pants. He feels her up and looks animal play her booty and twat as this babe emits muffled protests. She is hogtied, her a-hole and love muffins bared. Fingers squeeze her teats. She squirms, fighting the ropes, setting up a fuss as her twat and her bra buddies are pawed.

The next angel works as a Dominatrix. But this time the tables are turned. Her legs are tied to the chair with plastic wrap. Black plastic is wrapped over her eyes, forming to her head. The chair back is bound to a pulley above her. Then that babe is wrapped to the chair about her waist, her arms plastered to her sides. Her milk shakes appear to spill outward. A strait razor slices her dominant and severs the brassiere. The edge of the blade is crammed into the soft, mounded flesh above her pierced nipps. The razor moves to her hips. She whimpers, no greater quantity the Dominatrix. The chair is suddenly poked backwards, to be caught by rope bound above. She squawks. Her petticoat is ripped apart and her sheer pants shredded by the ultra-sharp edge of the razor. The inviting, pale flesh of her cum-hole is already hairless. "Please," that babe says, begging for the blade to be good. Her feet are tickled. She giggles, her round love muffins bobbing.

A rope is bound to every ankle and her feet are hoisted up so that that babe is widen. The strait razor investigates her velvet labia and clitoris. Clothespins bite into the delicate, enjoyable flesh of her labia and are attached to her toes, so that this babe is opened. She has a pale pink snatch. The inverted V of her labia, shielding her clitoris, is reminiscent of an orchid, the specialized petals opening and closing as this babe is tickled anew, intensifying the effect. Her rosette darkens to a rich pink.

Another hotty is tied upon her knees, her ankles roped tightly to her upper hips. Her arms have been raised above her head then bent backward so that her wrists are fastened jointly behind her neck. She sways back and forth, rhythmic, investigating her predicament. Then that babe is lying on her back. Clamps are attached to her labia, pulling em apart. Her face remains unemotional, detached. She is introduced to Mr. Pogo, which this babe takes readily into her face hole. When Mr. Pogo is soaked, it is poked inside her pussy, the interior lips spreading to accommodate. She takes it, silent, the wavy margin of her lips reddening.

An Asian woman in a posture collar stands, her arms fastened in a Japanese cradle. Her milk cans are pinched betwixt 2 constricted ropes. One ankle is bound off to the side, and the other is raised and fastened animalism the knee. Clamps are placed upon her nipps and bound upward with her lengthy hair, her bumpers purple. Her darkened clitoris and interior labia dangle downward, spreading as Mr. Pogo enters.

She’s gagged with cloth, her face taped. The camo suit is circumcised off her shoulders, her soft, pale mambos disclosed. A rope is wrapped around and around her neck. She is laid on her abdomen, the neck rope fastened back to her ankles, arching her back, strangling her.

A very wide collar is belted on her neck. A pulley is hooked onto the collar, pulling her up on her toes. As that babe is pawed, that babe fights, but can hardly move out of suffocation herself. A nose hook keeps her head high. She wavers, unbalanced.

Bound to a post with her arms in strappado, that babe is bent over, her head upside down. Her face hole and eyes are wrapped with rope and cinched to the post. Her snatch is fastened, pulling back the thick, fleshy lips to give open access.

Format: real

Duration: 52:11

Video: 320x240, RV30

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Tests 9 (Devi, Debbie, Nina)

Tests 9 (Devi, Debbie, Nina)

Tests 9 (Devi, Debbie, Nina)

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Tests 9 (Devi, Debbie, Nina)