Shonta Gets Pregnant 2001

Studio: Insex

Transformed from a youthful, girlish restraint bondage doxy to a full-breasted, round-bellied woman, restraint bondage always becomes her. These discharges show Shonta previous to and during her gestation.

She starts the 1st discharge seated on a trunk, restrained with thongs. PD uses a heat gun to shrink-wrap a plastic bag over her face. Bound into a constricted ball, this babe is packaged and sealed in saran wrap. Her air-flow is controlled throughout a lengthy breathing catheter. Packed in bubble wrap and stored in the trunk, this babe groans desperately to be given away. Removing her from the box, PD unwraps her and fits a noose around her neck. Her scoops are bound tightly with a lengthy stick crushing em. up onto her toes, that babe is tortured with the rod. Giving Shonta’s tired toes a rest, PD ties her ankles to her hips.

She rests on her knees, the noose still suffocation her. A darksome rubber blindfold makes her an anonymous body stretched out and tied to a pipe device. She drools throughout her gag as her teats, whoppers, and cookie are suctioned into lengthy, taut bulbs. PD eases her ache one time the suction cups are off, applying the eroscillator to her engorged love button. She ejaculates as that babe comes, spewing puddles of liquid all over the floor. Lying on her belly, this babe is thonged down another time to the same pipes. She whimpers like a puppy as a string of anal beads is poked unfathomable into her gazoo and a pump sex tool is thrust into her fur pie.

Format: real

Duration: 43:57

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Shonta Gets Pregnant 2001

Shonta Gets Pregnant 2001

File size: 71.4 MB

Shonta Gets Pregnant 2001

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