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Syd, u lost a lot of cash that did not belong to u. Now u owe Sister Dee her due plus interest. And if u do not have the money, u can trust that babe will take it out of your booty. Pain is a negotiable currency in this world and this will be your opportunity to earn forgiveness and clear your debts.

The way Sister Dee exacts payment reduces almost any babes to quivering masses. Syd, u more excellent be willing to cry for her. The welts from the rod are going to appear not quite instantly. Each sharp hit is going to leave a bright red mark right across your booty. The flagellate on your bawdy cleft is definitely going to bring tears to your eyes, also. But if u implore real worthy and take up with the tongue muff with the superlatively good of em Dee may award u with a cum or 2, especially given your talent for taking a entire fist inside of u.

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Loan Shark Syd Blakovich

Loan Shark Syd Blakovich

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Loan Shark Syd Blakovich

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