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Nik and Caddy are back for the second update from thier discharge we are joining em in the 3rd scene and Sir Nik slides further into his terrorist techniques...There's a priceless amount of dialogue in this update and majority of it is Nik fucking with Caddy's head...but Caddy is a tough one...she would rather jump off a cliff than give in to anything...I suppose that doesnt make her very submissive-seeming to lots of folks...but to me, servitude is just one of many roles that can be played from the bottom...and as lengthy as the slave enjoys the role, and doesnt try to handle the Dom's mission, it's all good...I should reword lengthy as this babe doesnt wait everything that this babe does, says or conveys in any way, will change the Dom's mission, it's all good...try to dominant from the slave all u want...I do not care about subjugation animalism all...I care about role play that is so sincere that we all make no doubt of what we see...asking Caddy to be wimp would be asking her to fake herself and her performance...allowing her to create her own slave mindset is sincere...and Caddy is a serious sufficiently fetishist to have a serious mindset...she not at any time called a code word throughout very serious situations and Nik not ever backed off...Caddy eats neophyte doms for breakfast...but on this day, Nik got his way...and Caddy would not have it any other way as lengthy as this guy can endure her bottom-sided manipulations

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Strict Restraint - Caddy Compson

Strict Restraint - Caddy Compson

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Strict Restraint - Caddy Compson