Exploration 731

16 Jun 2014

Studio: Insex

731 wows us with her flexibility, sexuality, and unadulterated love of pang. Bound in position after position, this babe acquires shocks to the pantoons, vaginal and anal fucking, fellatio, cunt flogging, a brutal thrashing, and big o. And after the last shock to her wazoo and love tunnel, what’s her reaction? - "Nice."

The exploration of 731 starts with her tied and throttled. He tosses a rope nonchalantly over a beam and ties it off animal play her mouth, raising her to her feet, wobbly. Her eyes go liquid when a diminutive sextoy is held against her love button with a crotch rope. In this state, she’s f0rced to deep-throat a ramrod. Cum explodes onto her face and chest.

The sex gear extravaganza proceeds. She’s tied on her back, her toes fastened to her hair. A pleasing adult baby rabbit-eared marital-device goes into her muff, followed by a sinister dark plug poked up her wazoo. A sex tool rattles her love button and labia piercings. 731’s engorged cum-hole, bright red, stiffens. She comes raw, bucking, straining against the ropes.

As that babe is re-created over and over, 731 becomes a bodiless head protruding from the side of a metal box. She’s transformed into a human worm, hooded, thonged constricted, and "encouraged" by a cattle prod to wiggle across the floor. In a suspension scene, 731’s wazoo and nipps are wired. Chain trails from her whoppers onto copper sheeting. She have to keep her body raised to lift the chain off the sheeting, or else - barbaric jolts of current to the billibongs.

In 3 consecutive scenes, 731 is tied, wet crack whipped, and caned. The striking scene is brutal. Before lengthy, her arse and backs of haunches are a mass of raised slash marks. We see the aftermath of a particularly naughty rod jerk off. A line of flesh reddens and rises. After that, this chab administers a horrific series of rapid rod strokes up one leg and down the other.

Finally she’s allowed to rest, held fast with stocks upon the metal ottoman. A enforced chastity strap locks electric prods inside of her a-hole and love tunnel. He shocks her repeatedly. She smiles, glad.

Format: real

Duration: 1:02:21

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Exploration 731

Exploration 731

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Exploration 731