Studio: Sexually Broken

Welcome the gorgeous, talented, hot, diminutive, supple, Nikki Darling to Sexually Broken. With a constricted miniature gazoo, thick intense teats and a face hole that can take a serious fucking, Nikki fits right in.

Severely tied and arched over a back breaker, Nikki discover herself stuck in the consummate position for raw, heavy sex. The collar is locked to the custom metal tying device, so Nikki's charming throat is stuck animalism pecker level. Her ankles and wrists are connected creating a marvelous arch of this dancers rock heavy body. We add oil and water, her 12 pack abs are glistening below the lights. Nikki is totally feeble and animal training our lenience.

With blood rushing to her head from being bent so far back, we quickly make her cum with the sex toy. She can't assist herself, so we jam a 10 1/2 dark jock down her mouth and make her cum some greater quantity. Fighting for air whilst cumming sends Nikki quickly to slave bliss and we pour on the intensity.

A intense dick slips into her bald, oiled muff and we fuck our powerless dancer air-tight. One shlong all the way down her mouth, some other ramrod banging on the doors to her cervix. This is coarse sex animal training it's superlatively good and Nikki is in survival mode as agonorgasmos after agonorgasmos is screwed out of her feeble body. Back and forth the fellows move, switching up their attacks, not at any time letting Nikki receive on master of it. We fuck her to the ground, give her a coarse unfathomable throating to the balls, all the whilst she's stuck in that back breaking position.

After cumming so raw and so often from getting screwed and throated, we pull out the sex-toy and drive Nikki out of her mind. We make her cum over and over, letting her fight, shriek and implore for compassion. We're having way also much joy to stop. In the end, Nikki is left with liquid oozing out of each gap. She is dazed, cum *, and lost in slave bliss. This is Sexually Broken animal training it is most good.

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Classically Trained Dancer Severely Bent Skull

Classically Trained Dancer Severely Bent Skull

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Classically Trained Dancer Severely Bent Skull