Release Year: 2014

Cast: Janey, Katy Cee


So, Miss Voronov. Miss Martinez. How admirable to watch that one as well as the other superpowers are so interested in our adult baby project. I'm indeed flattered that the one and the other the C.I.A. and the K.G.B. saw fit to pay us a visit. So favourable that we have moles in the one and the other your organisations, no?
Are u working jointly? Or were u every sent here independently to spy on us? Not answering? I'm not surprised. Those gags do make it rather intense to carry on an urbane conversation, do they not? Have no dismay, I'm sure u will be willing to sing like canaries in due course. But 1st- I get to make my broadcast to the world leaders! I'm sure u won't receive up to any mischief whilst I'm away, now will u?

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Russian vs. American (2014)

Russian vs. American (2014)

Russian vs. American (2014)

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Russian vs. American (2014)

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